Classes and Workshops 2017

Why QiGong, and for whom?

QiGong is an ancient Chinese way of working with body and mind to maintain or regain

Ancient Chart for  QiGong exercises

Ancient Chart for
QiGong exercises

health, fitness and a deeper understanding of the self. Over the last 10 years QiGong has become ever more popular in the West. See more>>>

Generally, I teach QiGong for health and well being and hence I work with individuals and small groups only. I also teach QiGong to students and practitioners of therapies within the field of energy healing such as Shiatsu, Osteopathy, Alexander Therapy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Recently, I have become interested in teaching QiGong for tango dancers for the similarities between the two when it comes to learning how to be physically and mentally deeply relaxed and “in tune” while totally focused and engaged at the same time.

I would also like to set up a group for men. Let me know, if you are interested


Spring 2017

Classes are now starting up again. There are spaces for all levels and you are welcome to join.

Maximum group size is 8 at  the Subud, 5 for the Garden Clinic. If you are interested and none of the given days and times suit you, feel free to contact me to explore further possibilities.

Wed:   am 9:20-10:20     Garden Clinic Cooksbridge (beginners and intermediate).              September and October block: 7 sessions, starting 14th September.

Thu:   pm 7:00-8:00        Subud Centre Lewes (beginners and intermediate)                         September and October block: 8 sessions, starting 8th September.

Latecomers  may be able to join during the course of a term. Classes need a minimum of three participants.


As we are working in very small groups, I have to ask for £10 times the sessions within the two monthly block. The fee has to paid in advance. If you are new to QiGong or uncertain about joining, you can come for a free trial session. Please arrange details with me.

If you have to miss a class, you are welcome to join another group in exchange for that session. There is also a possibility to join a catch-up session on a Saturday or Sunday, to be held as demand arises at a mutually arranged time. For this year’s catch-up and trial workshop in October click here >>>

In the unfortunate event that I need to cancel a session or a class, money already paid will be refunded.

Please contact me if you have enquiries or need special arrangements or a concession.    

Booking: please go to booking form.   Please ensure your booking reaches me one week before each block starts.

Thank you for joining us at class.                          For more on QiGong  >>>



October 2017: Catch-up and exploration  >>>

Sunday morning  QiGong Workshop

Let us begin, deepen and enhance your QiGong practice together in a lovely space working together on the basic and the refined

Access:         Open to all levels of experience

Dates:          21 October 2017

Venue:         MS Treatment Centre, Soutwick

Times:          9:30 – 13:00

Cost:             Donation

Enquiries:   Please mail me via the contact page.

Booking:      To secure a place send me a mail

Thank you for joining us.


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