Studying Shiatsu

Starting to learn Shiatsu is – above all other things – a great way to connect with your own life energy.

Finding out about the basic principles of Chinese Medicine and the underlying Daoist philosophy will help you to understand health and wellbeing in a much more holistic way.

You will be introduced to QiGong exercises to enhance your flexibility, vitality and capacity to relax.

You will learn to explore the power of touch and Qi projection as a giver and receiver. Healing touch in Shiatsu is based on the profound qualities of Yin and Yang, Qi and other so called Vital Substances. These are explored at all levels of teaching, but even as a beginner, you will find that they help you to actually be able to directly experience the power of the complex information networks of human psychobiology.

Introductions to Shiatsu and Energy Work are offered at regular intervals. If you are interested to take part, please see here >>> or/and send me a mail >>>

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