Tango Connection

Tango is a most beautiful dance, but it is not easy to learn.

Of course, there is posture and balance, skills and techniques, rhythm and musicality to be considered. But the most important, and the most challenging  aspect of learning to master “el tango” is that of connection –  with yourself and with the person you are dancing with.

If there is connection, both partners can effortlessly and blissfully flow with the music , “leading” and “following”  becomes indistinguishable.

QiGong practice has a lot to offer to those who wish to learn or improve their Tango. It strengthens posture and balance, regulates breathing, builds proprioception, improves the smoothness of movement, helps to explore the ebbing and flowing of rhythm, not rushing ahead, not hanging behind, how to move with and lead from  intention, and most importantly, it teaches you CONNECTION,  and how to engage with your own and your partners energy in close embrace.

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Watch this space for more info on QiGong for Tango