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Brief overview of QiGong, a form of mindful practice for body and mind. Intro to its philosophy and roots, changes in terminology in modern times, its relation to Chinese Medicine, how it helps to stay healthy and fit, how it helps to understand the interactions of your mind and body. What modern medical research has to say about it.

QiGong Workshop

Saturday       24th  February 2018         10:00-13:00      Introduction   –   Deepening   –  Catch-up  –   all levels are welcome Location:  MS Treatment Centre,   Southwick near Portslade  map Cost: Donation The workshop is  free for students who, over the last year, … Continue reading

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Learn how to heal yourself – learn Healing QiGong Too tired to get going?  Too tense to relax? Inflexible joints, stiff or achy neck, back, shoulders? Heavy legs, poor balance, not recovering from injury or illness? Feeling your age or … Continue reading

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