My Approach

Healing from within

To heal we need to listen with our whole being. The physician or therapist needs to listen to the patient so that the patient can begin to listen to his or her own truth. While not always comfortable, it is essential that the person suffering truly engages in their process of healing – healing from within. It is empowering to discover and cultivate our ability to connect with our own being and our environment in an authentic and integrated way – even if the process does not lead to restoration of full health or fails to avert imminent death.

Disease easily arises and healing is easily compromised when we have become separated or even alienated from ourselves. Whether this be the result of a prolonged and subtle process or a sudden traumatic experience, there is indisputable evidence that the lack or loss of self-awareness and body-mind-communication affects our immune system in numerous and complex ways. 

Wounds can be stitched up, bones set, organs replaced, micro-organisms expelled, diets changed, medication for metabolic imbalances or pain taken – but true healing can only happen from within.

This is old knowledge forgotten by modern societies, as well as ridiculed and often condemned as quackery by school medicine. However, scientific research undertaken in the newly re-configured field of Bio Medicine is finding ever more evidence for the benefits of  the holistic approaches to healing.

The therapies I offer are holistic in this sense and well placed to help induce, support and guide such healing, whatever the issue and whatever the diagnosis or the prognosis. To find out more about Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu, QiGong and VoiceWork, please click  – or use the drop down menu at the top of the page.