Healing QiGong – Integrate Body, Spirit and Mind

Learn how to heal yourself – learn Healing QiGong

Too tired to get going?  Too tense to relax?
Inflexible joints, stiff or achy neck, back, shoulders?
Heavy legs, poor balance, not recovering from injury or illness?
Feeling your age or your stressful lifestyle?
Ready to do something about it?

Explore how to work with your own life energy in a skilful and dedicated way. For a good introduction to QiGong click on this youtube clip by Dr. Jwing Ming Yang.

QiGong exercises come in many forms, and levels of physical and energetic intensity and skill.

In Healing QiGong, the form we learn is gentle and adapted in a way that puts the focus explicitly on healing and remedial work. We work with posture, balance, mobility, flexibility and mindfulness. >>> 

Small groups enable me to focus on your individual needs and help you to learn at your own pace how to work with breath, posture and movement.>>>

Healing QiGong workshops are great for those who are new to or want to deepen the work and discuss this approach with other students and myself in more depth.>>>

One:One sessions may be helpful for you, if
* you practise  a Shibashi QiGong form already and want to deepen your work 
* you have a health issue you want to work on using this path
* you are a QiGong instructor and want to branch out into Healing QiGong

For more information on any of the above – contact me via email or ring me on 01273 400914.

For current Classes and Workshops in Lewes East Sussex see >>>

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