QiGong Works

 Covid break  until further notice

Healing QiGong classes in Lewes and Cooksbridge
East Sussex, UK

In my Healing QiGong  classes and workshops I aim to build groups that are small, safe and relatively stable. Booking is per block, full payment is required in advance . Drop-in arrangements are not helpful.

In our established classes we are now working at a depth that suggests that a new beginners’ class be set up for people new to the work.

NEW beginners’ class offer

Wed:  10:30-11:30 am    Garden Clinic Cooksbridge (beginners, limited to 5 students)
January/February block:  9 sessions, starting 3rd January.
Cost:  £90
Other dates may possibly be arranged. Declare your interest here >>>

If you are new to Healing QiGong or uncertain about joining, you can come  for a free trial session or join a workshop. Latecomers may be able to join during the term.   Please arrange details with me >>>.
However, if you have studied Healing QiGong with me previously, or if you are a Shiatsu student or client of mine, or experienced in QiGong or other healing Mind-Body-Work and want to join one of the advanced classes, please contact me for a chat or free one:one session.>>>

Ongoing Classes:

Wed:  9:30-10:30 am   Garden Clinic Cooksbridge (intermediate, limited to 5 students).            January/February block: 9 sessions, starting 3rd January.
Cost:  £90

Thu:   pm 7:00-8:00     Subud Centre Lewes ( intermediate, limited to 8 students )                         January/February block: 8 sessions, starting 4th January.
Cost: £90

Missed session: intermediates are welcome to join another group  in exchange. Beginners can take advantage of the possibility to join a workshop on a Saturday or Sunday. These are held as demand arises at a mutually arranged time .
Cancelled sessions: If I need to cancel a session or a class, your money will be refunded.

For the next introductory/catch-up Healing QiGong workshop watch this space.   

Thank you for joining. 

For more on Healing QiGong  >>>