About your Treatment

Shiatsu treatments are gentle and non-invasive.  On the whole, it is not necessary to “work into” any painful areas. The aim is to open these areas up and release what causes pain.

Treatment in the tradition of Zen Shiatsu is given to the fully clothed client.

It will usually IMG_1768 take place on a soft mat on the floor. But where mobility is limited, the client can also be treated sitting on a chair or lying on a massage table or – should a home visit be required – on their bed. Please wear or bring loose, comfortable, warm enough clothing (long sleeves and trousers, and a spare pair of socks).

I offer different ways in which you can explore if Shiatsu therapy is for you:

Wellbeing sessions: If you are interested in exploring Shiatsu as a way to improve your health or wellbeing, you can just book yourself in for an open session and a chat.

Consultation sessions: If you come for a specific health complaint, there will be an initial consultation followed by a short treatment, which will allow me to arrive at a diagnosis and suggest a treatment plan to be discussed. These sessions take between one hour and an hour and a half.
You will be sent a questionnaire about your health history and any current medication, or other treatment you currently receive. It would be of help, if you could fill this in before your first session and return it to me. Of course, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

Regular treatment sessions may be booked following the consultation – either singly or in blocks, depending on the treatment plan. They are based on feedback and assessment and last between 45 and 55 minutes.

More information, clinic days and fees see here >>>