Why learn Shiatsu


Learning Shiatsu is a great way to connect with your Body, your Mind and your own life energy. A beginners course will give you enough depth of understanding to treat yourself, work on friends and family and enter a very exiting path of self-development.

You will be introduced to QiGong exercises to enhance your flexibility, vitality and capacity  to relax.

You will learn to explore the deeper meaning of touch, the principles of “empty hands” and “non-doing”, and experience the ease of connection that arises between giver and receiver as they work together in this way.


Healing touch in Shiatsu is based on the deeper understanding of human life and applies  concepts also used in Acupressure, Acupuncture, Chinese herbalism and QiGong.  Amongst them are the actions and interactions of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements and the Vital Substances (Qi, Shen, Blood, Essence and Fluids) and, of course, the energy channels and points.
Learning about the basic principles of Chinese Medicine and the underlying Daoist philosophy will help you to understand health and well-being in a much more holistic way.

Over and beyond, Shiatsu touch is based on a broad spectrum of specific MBI (Mind-Body-Intervention) techniques.

Connecting with others on a subtle level of touch, cultivating “empty hands”, finding out about energy fields, focusing your intention, experiencing and guiding the flow of Qi,  will change your view of the world.

 Finding out about the most recent scientific research and what it can reveal about the complex Body-Mind-System that is the human being and the  self-healing power it has when supported well, will give you a new understanding of “medicine”.
You will discover simple ways to support such complex a thing as the information network of human psycho-biology, AND come to a new  understanding of your own being.

The basic concepts and techniques of Shiatsu and Energy Work are being explored at all levels of teaching, in increasing depth. But you will find that, even as a beginner,  you can see, feel, and tune into, the subtle qualities of energy and energy patterns.

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