Introducing you to Shiatsu


I am a  Shiatsu teacher registered with the Shiatsu Society UK  (MRSS T) as well as a member of the teaching team of The Shiatsu College UK .

Practitioner training course

We run workshops at all levels, from beginners to post-graduate.
I regularly teach on the professional 3-year Shiatsu Training Courses at various branches of the College, but mostly in Hastings.

I also offer classes and weekend workshops independently, if and  when enough interest arises.
If you would like to explore Shiatsu in this more informal context – for self-exploration or as an add-on-skill to another therapy you are practising yourself – get in touch or watch this space.

Courses you do with me will be acknowledged by the Shiatsu College and the Shiatsu Society, should you wish to join a professional training course at a later date. >>>

If you are interested in any of the above feel free to contact me for a chat>>>   

You can also join one of my QiGong classes.

Ancient Chart for
DaoYin exercises


QiGong is an excellent, and in my opinion absolutely necessary, preparation for learning Shiatsu. You will  learn a lot about Qi, energy fields, Chinese philosophy and medicine, touch, movement, stillness, intention, creativity and yourself.