Our voice arises with our first breath – fresh and unformed. Babies, crying, gurgling, babbling and boo-booing, learns to use their voice to communicate with others and themselves long before they  learn their first word. As we grow up, we learn to speak and have intellectually meaningful conversations, but the voice itself remains a reflection of the state of our being before and beyond words. What few of us realise in the hustle and bustle of daily life, is how intricately our voice is connected with who we are, how we feel and what we can do.

Voice is sound.

Sound is a major part of our environment. Because it resonates in our physical body and calls up associations in our mind, sound is of eminent importance for our emotional, physical and spiritual existence and wellbeing. Our very being is source as well as receiver of the sound we create through our voice.

Voice is self-affirmation – for better or worse. That’s  why we can sing ourselves to sleep – or stir ourselves into a flood of sobs or a rage of verbal abuse.

But voice can also be a tool for personal development and healing.  We can speak up, or speak our truth. Or we can sing. The harmonies a voice creates by reciting poetry, singing a song or chanting a mantra are soothing, comforting and healing. More so, if that voice is our own – and we listen to it. >>>

You think you cannot sing? Surprise yourself!